An Intergalactic Requiem for an Ephemeral Species (24/04/2020)

A relatively small number of discussions in relation to the Corona virus are now circulating in the – increasingly unsubstantial, increasingly virtual – global public sphere, which, on the one hand, in cataclysmic apocalyptic tone of doomsday prophecies, and, on the other hand, in the sanctimonious tone of the believer in progress, science and future, ask the question of what will happen to the world, to human society and to people in general during, and especially after, the corona pandemic.

The Enjoyment of Lynching (10/10/2018)

The fact that there is an exact match of the text section of E. Canetti with the descriptions of the eyewitness of the murder of Zak 38 years later, is no coincidence, but the substance, the determination of the behaviour of the baiting crowd, in this case specifically the Greek baiting crowd.