…on Secret Agents and Zionists (01.07.2008)

[Antifa for Contradiction]

Those blatantly absent from the trials against Pleuris should have, even after 8 months, justified their absence – at least for the sake of some of their followers who started doubting their antifascist action.

For our part, we wrote the following on November 2007: “ If they believed 1% of their slogans such as ‘Hands down from the immigrants’ and other similar slogans, they would have realized some of that. Our own experience would have forced us to claim that they immediately change their name – antifa. Not a single one among them – while it was well known that there would be a trial on the 5th of September – showed up, which proves how ‘Greek’ all this is, namely, a wannabe antifascism that consents to anti-Semitism. Only a handful of Greeks declared that they would show up at the trial. On the other hand, those experiencing a historical anxiety, the anxiety of survival, as the case is with some immigrants, manifested their concern to be present in this trial. Apparently, their absence was not due to a summer kind of sloth, as we have been told, rather, it was due to a lack of consistency and real antifascist action and discourse”  

It actually turns out that we were not at all mistaken…but the problem remains…Antifa – and the political scene responsible for its birth – continue to exploit the name while producing anti-Semitic propaganda. It is true that we were mistakenly waiting for them to change somewhat, that they might regret. Their stance, however, only got worse.  

In the beginning, the heavy artillery opens fire, namely when the ‘Serajevo’ magazine (which, we ought to assure the reader, has nothing to do with Antifa), republishes a 1982 interview with Ariel Sharon. In a nutshell, the purpose of this move was (in our words): “ Now that ΚΙΣ brings Pleuris to trial, do not show solidarity to Jewish people…there is anti-Semitism in Greece but it is unworthy of mention…that is, now anti-Semitism is largely produced by Israel itself so that the Zionist dream of returning can be given a boost”

Then, it is Antifa’s turn to regurgitate…In April 2008 they, very kindly, wrote:  

The ‘Central Israelite Board’ in Greece , seeks justice in the courts, according to their State’s plan. It tried to intensify the debate on anti-Semitism and the fear of its subjects and, consequently, reinforce the state ofIsrael (they know what their job is, as they are good agents)” Antifa Magazine, issue 8, 04/08 Athens .

This way Antifa lets us know that they are against agents of other states, a fact that a pure, ethnic, patriotic power has to denounce. They thus acknowledge the quality of their antifascism: A nation-convicted antifascism. That is because one has a problem with secret agents only insofar that he takes agents to be destroying the country’s being or undermining the country, in short he thinks of this as something negative. However, this is a nation-related feeling, and, therefore, patriotic. As to why they envied their former opponents (Resalto and similar nation-Bolshevik groups) and why they are trying to exceed them, well, they answer this themselves: Jewish Greek citizens are not Greek (this is a cornerstone for nation-centred patriots) but subjects, and indeed, agents – of the worst of the world’s states, hateful Israel .  

Apart from the certificates of national behaviour, Antifa cultivates an agent-ology that is difficult to see the reason behind. If we were to go through April’s issue, we would find παρακρατικούς‘ and ‘agents’. If we suppose that the Antifa writers do not have access to the state’s documents, and therefore, are not justified in making such meaningless accusations, we cannot but remind ourselves that this kind of rhetoric (regarding agents) is typically employed by a large part of leftist politics, including the KKE, whose enemies, it is well-known, were always agents, provocateurs, snitches etc. Why such rhetoric, given that it is impossible to transcend the KKE in this respect? What is the pleasure that they derive from this agent-ology? The reason is ignorance, or, as we would have it, anti-Semitism. What we are dealing with, unfortunately, is the fact that, instead of creating an umbrella-organization, as the case is elsewhere, Greek Antifa has chosen to remain affiliated with a particular political space and draw on its ideological obsessions. The pleasure still remains an enigma for us.  

One thing is for sure: We know what all this means for antifascist action. Antifa claims that Pleuris is an agent. Well, he may be, he may be not. What’s in it for us? Are we going to ΕΥΠ secret services to complain? Is he a neo-Nazi or not? He is. Does he threaten the ‘foreigners’ with annihilation and pogroms or not? Yes, he does. Are we antifascists, or ΕΥΠ people who denounce foreign agents? Briefly, did not Antifa think that Pleuris’s book is fascist, racist and anti-Semitic? Is there no anti-Semitism, from Antifa’s point of view, in itself, in the right-wing as well as in the left-wing?  

They, then, seem to contribute and agree with Pleuris, not only regarding the being of this sneaky race which undermines (again) our national integrity, but also, regarding his plans as to the future of these alien bodies that unfortunately survived the Holocaust, bore descendants, and, worse, returned like ghosts of the past to this country, instead of going to Israel as most survivors did. Indeed, only agents have the courage to return to an environment of such anti-Semitic essence! Because we are sure that the “Antifas” have read something about “the crime of crimes”, have heard something about Auschwitz, we understand that stigmatizing Jewish-Greek people as Israel’s agents and the making of them into ‘Israeli Citizens’ is taking place on purpose, given that this is always a successful business: They dream of anti-Semitic protests KKE PAME-style, at the KIS office, this time invested with antifascist meanings. As consistent antifascists, they should well know where these protests lead to.  

Therefore, on the one hand, Antifa argues for the reasons why more Jewish people cannot be allowed to move to Israel , that is, in order not to reinforce this hateful state. On the other hand, they stigmatize Jewish-Greek people as personae non gratae in Greece , as secret manipulators who do their dirty job on behalf of foreign interests.  

Just because they want to bring – if they had the power to do so – Greek-Jewish people to a dead end (these are the moments we are happy that “antifascism” is not a powerful movement), and because there is only one bloody solution to this paradox (annihilation), we want to ask them if they are aware of their writings or, at least, if they know who’s writing them?  

There is only a practical problem. Those who survived against all odds, and their descendants are very few, that is, only 0,03% of the population, which, in turn, means that they are not even enough to serve as prey. (Is it that the attempts on their part to patronize the pogrom against Albanian immigrants was actually to have them as a back-up? [1] )  

When they hear of Jews their Antifa-alert goes off with the effect that they are only driven by their anti-Semitic instincts erasing all reality, they exalt KIS to the agent who mobilized the trial against Pleuris, although the case was filed by the Greek Helsinki Monitor (all honour to it), while KIS tried to latch on as also being offended – the Court rejected this demand (the judge must have been one of the Antifa or….Babylonia). We, hereby, express an aporia: When Antifa stigmatizes KIS for something that KIS never did, then, what would Antifa do, what kind of struggle would they go for, if KIS had indeed, been the inspirer, the engineer of this trial against Pleuris? (We would hope – insofar that we cannot stop the worse – that all anti-Semites were taken to the court, Resalto, Xrysi augi, kke etc.)  

For a brief moment, we hoped that the numerous splitting-ups of Antifa would have resulted in something meaningful, apart from the meaning of numbers (antifa66, antifa49 etc.). Even if it was only a matter of one or two or even three people. By contrast: Their one and only accomplishment was that they successfully managed to sum up all their annihilatory mania against the Jews in a single phrase (it took whole volumes for others to do this), without even using the side-road of modern anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, as is the case with all modern anti-Semites. It was not an accident that Antifa, qua justification, quoted Ariel Sharon’s 1982 interview.  

Antifa in Greece has proved how much it wants to contribute to the perpetuation of anti-Semitic stereotypes. They did not appear at Pleuris’s trial because they don’t believe that there is a problem with anti-Semitism inGreece (similarly, their comrades believe that there is no problem with sexism in the radical political scene. In the same way that people from the whole political spectrum believe that there is no problem with racism inGreece ). Antifa does not care whether Jewish people feel threatened by a guy such as Pleuris. Antifa, what is more, not only turns a blind eye to this situation but promotes a situation which is impossible, for those who survived, to live with.  

The proof of all this is that in all eight issues nothing was ever mentioned about anti-Semitism in Greece . There was not a single article denouncing the content of Pleuris’s book. Their only reference was against those who went to the trial in solidarity, some of them, maybe, from their own flock who came to think in different way. Their arguments, however, were hardly valid. They quoted Sharon ‘s interview as the reason why they did not stand against the fascists. Unfortunately, this line of argumentation is rotten, since an antifascist could not but get around with some 6 million reasons!  

The fancy title of the text where they call KIS people ‘agents’, was “Justice is not won in the Courts”, a statement that the neo-Nazi present at the court would adhere to. Specifically, the neo-Nazi would use other methods. And for the moment, they denounce…the bourgeois justice.  

Antifa would have to spare some time focusing on the role anti-Semitism plays in Greece, but mobilize against it, as well (if one reads “Serajevo” and the affiliated texts only, how is it possible to understand what the Holocaust is about? At most, one can discern what was ‘produced’ there and what the ‘surplus-value’ was… but, to be honest, what does the holocaust have to do with antifascism? right?). It is more than evident and we have argued clearly on that: If we were in court, seeking an opposing point of view, even if it is an institutional one, but not only institutional, against Pleuris’s anti-Semitism, it was only because they, Antifa and others, were not even outside the court. Thus, they know very well, that justice is not won with silence either.  

Again, unfortunately they did not remain silent. They spoke. They spoke to say that Israel mobilized the trial. This is what it means to be trapped in ideological labyrinths and annihilatory obsessions. The common-sense thing an antifascist group would do, would be that were Israel to sue Greek fascists, the group would applaud, since in Greece anti-Semitism is so popular (disguised as anti-Zionism, but not only that, as Antifa proves, as NAR has proved in the past, and KKE has and always will prove [2] ). It seems there is nothing that could stop the anti-Semitic hurricane. It is indeed your right to identify yourselves as part of the mass. Our one and only aporia is the relation between all this and antifascism.  

It is this monolithic character of the deeply embedded anti-Semitism in Greek society (that, after Auschwitz, has become synonymous for extermination), ranging from the far Left to the far Right that finds so many pretexts (like those discovered by the “honest” newspaper “Babylonia” [3] that offered to defend Plevris in the name of the freedom of speech) to justify the attacks against Jews (these attacks which, up until now, have been phrasal or limited to the desecration of Jewish monuments and cemeteries, just like precursors of shameful future pogroms).  

This is the only way in which they can keep the flag of their homeland and their ancestors raised: Greece, a constantly anti-Semitic country (especially while the collaborators of Germans were in power post bellum), was the only European country at the UN to vote against the institution of the state of Israel in 1948 and the last country to recognize (have diplomatic relations with) Israel, 42 years after its institution! It is this tradition that they are trying to keep up today.  

Even the recent pogrom of the 4th of September against the Albanians did not come out of the bllue. The “criminality”, the “mental inferiority”, the “hurtfulness” of Albanian immigrants has been propagandized for years through the media, within Greek families, in Greek schools, in Greek neighbourhoods, in Greek workplaces, in the Greek countryside. This has been the presupposition of the pogrom’s success, regarding both the number of victims as well as the number of the offenders and the spectators of the materialization of this specific freedom of opinion defended by parts of the Greek left and the Greek anarchists! We should not forget all those years during which the “discussion” about the Albanians has taken place. Not only did they do nothing against this “discussion”, but they even implicitly supported it, by adding leftist and revolutionary stigmatizations upon the Albanian immigrants (“agents of the USA and UCK”, “politically uncultivated”, “petite bourgeois mentality”, “unsuitable for revolution”, etc.). Albanians were discovered only when Greek leftists and anarchists realized that they were suitable for political utilization, only this idea passed their revolutionary exams. Besides, it is indicative that in Antifa’s poster about the 4th of September that we have mentioned…“Albanians”…became…“immigrants”; for this reason: immigrants are vaguely conceived as the proletarians of this society, something of major importance for Antifa. The fact that nationalist hatred is cast against the Albanians is secondary compared to class, as long as bosses (Greeks) impose themselves upon workers (immigrants). Something that does not hold anyway: some Albanians have already become bosses and others are in the lowest class; they are both, though, being subjected to Greek racism [4] .  

Unfortunately or, rather, fortunately, Greek Jews are not suitable for political benefit, in case someone stands for them, but for the very opposite: political isolation, hostility stemming from the surrounding political terrain and, above all, immense hatred (this is probably Antifa’s only correct estimation).  

You know, there are things, especially after Auschwitz , like the extermination of minorities, that have to become taboo in Greece as well. That is to say, not even the discussion whether Jews Albanians, Pakistanis and everyone else that has become the target of Greek society and its vanguards should be killed or not is allowed. And, of course, it would have been more effective, if these taboos were imposed by an antifascist movement! But, as long as one needs a microscope in order to spot this kind of movement, we will be supporting any actions that we consider—correctly or mistakenly—to constitute, even for reasons foreign to our general opinions, an obstacle—even a temporary and limited one—to the exterminatory, anti-Semitic and racist hatred of those that you wish to bootlick and organize.  

This is why we were satisfied when the European court recently sentenced Greece for the attacks against the Roma people in Aspropyrgos; this is why we are satisfied every time it is sentenced by International Organizations, even though there is the danger, due to the frequency of the accusations, that such things will become…one of your habits. This is why, lastly, we will be defaming this country everywhere and always, for as long as the racist and anti-Semitic crimes and, above all, their preparation will be an existential part of Greek everyday life. This is why we have translated this text in various languages, as the least we can do to defame your views.  

This is the reason why we will unequivocally be on the side of Greek Jews, on the side of KIS, no matter how much they are being insulted and stigmatized.  

KIS, has been, from the moment of its institution, a secondary institution for the representation of the few Jewish communities in Greece that have survived the Holocaust.  

KIS has never stopped affirming that Greeks are NOT anti-Semites (we respect its stance, of course, and we understand it—in view of such “antifascists”—although we have a different view about Greek society.  

KIS had not even drafted a proper group of lawyers before the start of the trial (it seems that Israel did not have any money to send…). KIS could have started a thousand trials like this in the past and not only the one against Plevris, since (according to our rough estimations, at least half of the country should be taken to trial). If the aim of KIS was to spread the view that Greece is anti-Semitic (we wish it would happen!), they would have mobilized every single Jewish community inside and outside Greece, through the renowned Jewish lobby…but, ultimately, where the hell is this lobby with which everyone becomes enraged?  

One last reminder about the stand of KIS towards Israel: Israel’s law gives to every Jew on earth the right to become an Israeli citizen if s/he wants to or if s/he is forced to leave from where s/he lives and move to Israel. We believe that we do not need to explain either the reason for this law or the reason for this enforcement.  

And before they take the Mick of themselves by starting their “subtle” separations that, say, they do not identify KIS with the Greek Jews that elected it, etc…. Is there a case in which Greek Jews would rather—for reasons of confidence—vote only…Greek Christians in the future for their administrative institutions? We just wonder if Antifa would prefer this case…  

Regarding the “couch leftists” that they mention (implying, obviously, the Antinazist Initiative), we honour the latter’s stance much more than that of some “antifascists” of this kind.  

The Antifa magazine obviously does not care about what Greeks will do regarding immigrants, Jews, or the “Macedonian” issue [5] . Instead of seeing what Miss Koula or Mr. Dimitris do against “foreigners” every day, they make sure to check beforehand if the foreigners subjected to racism or anti-Semitism are agents! (And there is a bunch of people like Pleuris that would like them to support something like that). One day before the first trial against Pleuris in December 2007, fascists with motorbikes were waiting beneath the offices of KIS and they filled the place with Celtic crosses, etc. This incident alone should have mobilized armies of antifascists that would have formed no-go areas for the fascists, making them understand what is right by using pure material arguments.

But, ultimately, wouldn’t it have been better for them to go surfing on the waves of anti-Semitic manifestations that traditionally take place, because of the rise of temperature now in the summer, in some paternalistic “antiracist festivals” or in autonomous purlieus in junkie-free populist districts, with volunteer cops and, of course, popular participation (they call it purge in other places), i.e. in Exarheia, etc.  

To conclude, we make a proposal of good will and we suggest they should take the name we mentioned in the beginning: hellantifa. This name says it all and does not cause any confusion. Besides, it is an easy word, it sounds pleasant, it has rhythm and it attracts tourists (it sounds like a mixture of Hellas , olives and kataifi). And, above all, it reveals their origin, something that is, as we have already said many times about the “non-Greek” Greek Jews, one of their major existential questions.

-Against anti-Semitism no matter where it comes from!

Terminal 119

For the social and individual autonomy

Café Morgenland

Antifascist immigrant group from Germany    


[1] Recently, this hellenic antifa, lets call it “hellantifa”, put posters all around Athens regarding the pogrom of September 2007. For the sake of historical truth: the pogrom took place in particular against the Albanian immigrants, with a very specific pretext, that is to say, the Albanians’ celebrations of the victory of the Albanian team over the Greek one, with very specific victims and dead persons, and not against immigrants in general, as hellantifa tries (on purpose) to present it. It is known that over 300 Albanians were injured, thousands were chased by the masses in almost every Greek city, Albanians’ cars were destroyed and two Albanians were murdered (officially they have only mentioned one). Amongst the injured ones there were two immigrants that were not Albanian. Instead of trying to understand the precision with which the masses distinguished its victims (not only amongst Greeks but also amongst other immigrants, while the “unwanted losses” of the night battle were few as the numbers of the injured and the attackers can show us, they (hellantifa) lie and hide behind the real facts, by talking generally about immigrants, erasing from their posters any reference to the victims, the Albanian immigrants, throwing in the dustbin even their own slogan, “I wont forget”…

[2] 2 February 2003 . SEI is on strike in the National Theater of Northern Greece. On 12.2.2003 the newspapers NEA, Avriani Voreiou Elladas and Niki, quoted the following phrase by the president of SEI Vasilis Kolovos, member of KKE: “Somebody should, at last, answer: what is the role of the academic system and the Jewish lobby. The president of Culture should publicly express his stance”

[3] “And if the accusation coming from the ‘Antinazist Initiative’ that the Left was absent from this trial, should the answer be that if the Left and the Anarchists thought that they should be there (this needs a lot of discussion) they should perhaps participate as…witnesses of defense?”— Babylonia newspaper. Regarding this renowned argument of the freedom of opinion…we would have to say (again) that the freedom of opinion is not something abstract, but always something specific. In our case you demand one’s right to be a fascist and to propagandize freely the extermination of minorities. And you also raise a wall between the extermination and the propaganda of extermination, walls that exist only in your minds, because any kind of extermination firstly requires its ideological preparation, it’s the phase of preparing the guillotine. This is the kind of freedom that you demand for the fascists. Extermination is not a sudden incident, but a link of a long chain (and the shortest one), that is useless without ALL of its links. The German exterminators knew this so well, and offered their body and soul to complete their task. They even put thousands of scientists (this is another freedom, the freedom of scientific research) to prove with their scientific writings the inferiority of the Jewish race, to stigmatize their victims like harmful leeches on the healthy body of the German people, but also the natural harmfulness of Roma, homosexuals, of mentally ill people, etc. The materialization of this freedom of opinion is known. 

[4] See the text “Racism, classical Anarchism and our solidarity to Immigrants” in the 2nd issue of terminal 119. 

[5] “As a diplomat I have tried not to be offended by the swastikas that Greeks drew on the flag of my country. Now, seeing Greeks becoming the ‘horrible Americans’ of the Balkans, I have to try hard in order not to whisper: ‘they deserve it’” Brady Kiesling, former diplomat of the American embassy in Athens, republication in Auto/, issue 19, April 2008, regarding the swastika on the Greek flag in Macedonia. 

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